Posté le 14 July 2022

Satab is constantly expanding its Respect Line range to offer its customers in the fashion, accessories, decoration and packaging sectors eco-responsible ribbons that meet their environmental concerns.

Today, Satab is launching an exceptional 100% silk ribbon with GOTS certification. This certification guarantees that the silk is obtained by feeding silkworms with organic mulberry leaves, raised without pesticide treatment in factories with a proven record of social and environmental responsibility.

Woven in Satab’s workshops in France, these GOTS silk satin ribbons come in different widths: 6, 15 and 25 mm to define the strap of a top, belt a dress, draw the bow of a top-of-the-range fashion creation or dress up luxury packaging.

Made from silk threads produced by caterpillars fed on organic mulberry leaves, this exceptional ribbon is designed for luxury fashion collections and top-of-the-range packaging.