Key numbers

  • Over 40,000 products in stock
  • Production capacity of 5 million metres per week
  • Manpower of 250


The values shared by SATAB and its manpower are anchored in our roots and our background

  • Inventivity
  • Service-centric
  • Humility
  • Respect
  • Simplicity

SATAB’s raison d’être: being at the heart of all narrow textile projects and uses.
Its manpower, the creators of its achievements, backed by extensive experience, represents a strategic asset when it comes to passing on and adapting its expertise turned towards future developments and innovations.
Challenge, talent and pursuit of excellence are the drivers behind each and every person in the company. Inventivity, research, development and quality, combined with a specific approach per division result in customer satisfaction.

We treat every customer as an individual who deserves a bespoke solution.