Designer Clara Daguin lights up fashion with luminous Eweave ribbons.

Posté le 25 January 2023

Through its integrated R&D unit, SatabLab, which has been working for several years on the development of smart textiles, Satab has developed a new range of connected smart textile solutions, combining Made in France textile expertise and IOT (Internet of Things) skills.

Called Eweave, this new range of connected linear sensors has won over fashion designer Clara Daguin, who uses light as a material in her creations.

Clara Daguin makes clothes that combine craftsmanship and technology.

In line with this concept of fashion, Satab supplied the ribbons capable of conducting light and bringing the garments to life.

In Clara Daguin’s work, meticulous, complex lines, materials and embroidery form the concrete framework through which the immaterial, vibrant light circulates.

So this suit jacket, made from hand-embroidered Satab serpentine, glows from the inside out.

This other model of suit jacket, made with Satab piping, integrates luminous fibres into the garment, bringing it to life. These original creations, which can be slipped on like a second skin, are constantly changing, thanks to movement.

Clara Daguin’s new collection, which draws its inspiration from esotericism and magic, has just been presented at Baccarat in a show entitled Cosmic Dance. An incredible collection presentation, like an invitation to travel through time and space, combining craftsmanship and technology… and we were there!