Clara Daguin, in partnership with Satab, presents its new Spring/Summer 2024 collection: Starlink!

Posté le 19 February 2024

Clara Daguin is the 2.0 designer on the rise in 2024! Winner of the big prize for design awarded by the City of Paris in September 2023, , and holder of the carte blanche de Noël de la paroisse Saint-Eustache at the end of the year, Clara is working with Satab to develop luminous ribbons for her designs.

Clara Daguin presented her new Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Starlink, in Paris on Saturday 27 January 2024. The collection is made up of pieces created using Satab luminous ribbons from the Eweave “lighting” range.

For the presentation of her collection, Clara immerses us in the atmosphere of a space flight. Silhouettes wander like satellites in front of a monumental and sparkling interactive embroidery, Astre. Through a porthole overlooking the stage, we discover the ‘Space Trash’ dress. The opening look is a corseted cotton velvet dress, hand-painted with bleach and embroidered with thrilling micro-leds.

This is followed by a series of ‘satellite train’ looks, illuminated by lines of micro-leds, outlining and accentuating each silhouette; a suit jacket with a trompe l’oeil corset, a corseted dress with architectural sleeves, a globular jacket, a top and skirt ensemble laced with satin ribbons, a transparent ensemble in tight-fitting jersey, and a sheer ensemble with an embroidery of micro-leds.
and a ‘black hole’ dress in technical fabric.

To round off the Starlink collection, Clara Daguin presents the Space Trash dress: a complex mix of glass beads and resin.

In this collection, several pieces are made using the technical and craft know-how of the Satab teams, on standard ribbons as well as luminous ribbons or ribbons incorporating light.

About Clara Daguin

Designer Clara Daguin was born in France and raised in California’s Silicon Valley. Appropriately, her approach is inspired by these two formative contexts: a mix of savoir-faire and technology, embroidery and electronics, the organic and the artificial. She uses fashion as a vehicle to examine how technology evolves alongside the body, engaging with present circumstances and future realities: digitization, dematerialization, surveillance.