Labels and certifications


At Satab, obtaining certifications is a guarantee of success for our future projects.

This approach reflects our determination to push our limits and enhance our internal organization. Each certification is written proof of the requirements we set ourselves for our products, processes and services.

The ISO 9001 standard involves the notion of quality management with global action on a certain number of points having a direct impact on our CSR strategy: customer orientation, leadership (at each level of the hierarchy, the quality objectives must defined), staff involvement, process approach, continuous improvement, reliance on objective data to make decisions and healthy relationships with partners.

The ISO 50001 standard is inseparable from the notion of sustainable development in the sense that it is a question of setting up in the company a real energy management.

An initiative for the future


The starting point for our Respect Line is to offer our customers even more, while respecting our own values and sensibilities. Today, our products are available in a wide choice of eco-friendly materials. Each of these materials is certified to the most demanding standard in its category. The very tenets of the Respect Line requires us to apply a philosophy of fair use of resources internally.

To avoid dead stock, it is only available from stock in dyeable colours, black and white, in a single packaging. Other colours are produced on demand using a less energy-intensive process. This range marks the beginning of the transition to a more environmentally-friendly collection.