Re-weave: the new ribbon upcycling challenge!

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The idea

In the Re-weave project, Jeanne Goutelle creates textile surfaces from local textile industry production waste. She starts off by regularly going round companies to collect discarded materials. The harvest varies according to what snags have come up in the production. She draws her inspiration from this diversity of colours and materials. She then revisits traditional know-how to create new contemporary textures on an architectural scale.

Each piece is therefore unique and entirely handcrafted in her workshop.

She ties, weaves and braids away to bring her experimental textile research to life.

In her artistic projects, she experiments work where her hands question the time spent and the repetition of the gesture. Ongoing prototypes and samples search for the meeting point with reproducibility. Finally, her hands endlessly perform the same movements as if to measure themselves against the industrial process.

Her upcycling work is part of an alternative approach where the lifespan of the material is extended in the aim of recouping part of the waste from industrial production.

Etendard 80x130 cm

Etendard 80×130 cm

The partnership

Today, the international benchmark in ribbon making, Satab is her main partner. Jeanne is keen to highlight a local industry whose rich history has left its mark on the city of Saint-Etienne and still standing proud despite relocations and difficulties linked to globalisation. This also represents an opportunity to shine the light on the trimming techniques in which the region specialises. Her creations are inspired by these techniques and she reinterprets them on a scale close to that of architecture and the home.

Thus, one after the other, each one-of-a-kind piece to hang on the wall, decorative panel to hang up, partition to divide a room, screen to structure a space, railing to secure a mezzanine or a staircase… is unique in size and can be made to measure.

Panneau tissé 60x175 cm

Panneau tissé 60×175 cm


Accolade 40x130 cm

Accolade 40×130 cm

The designer

Jeanne Goutelle is an explorer of colour and materials. Textile has been her preferred field for over fifteen years now. Her work as a textile artist overlaps into different areas:

– consultancy to textile and colour manufacturers

– heading of creative and participatory workshops

– research work between crafts and industrial processes

Since studying Arts Appliqués in Duperré, she is pursuing her personal work of reinterpreting traditional textile techniques. Basketry, crochet, braiding, weaving and a host of other interweaving techniques are also some of her favourite playgrounds.

Learn more about her work on her website:

Written by Jeanne Goutelle.

Photo credit: Céline Dominiak and Jeanne Goutelle

Origami 110x180 cm

Origami 110×180 cm








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