Satab velvet on show at the ” Musée d’Art et d’Industrie “

Posté le 13 February 2024

After almost a year’s work, the “Musée d’Art et d’Industrie” of Saint-Etienne has just opened its new permanent exhibition dedicated to weapons, cycles and, above all, ribbons.

The Saint-Etienne area is a must for passementerie! It is brilliantly showcased in all the rooms on the museum’s ground floor. The tour is illustrated by the different stages involved in making ribbons: the preliminary processes involved in preparing the threads, the different weaving techniques, and the wealth of creativity brought to life by and for this textile industry, which is still very much present in our region. The exhibition closes on a vast area where several weaving looms showcase the technical sophistication and evolution of these machines over the centuries.

The different textile industries in the region are represented on this tour. Satab was chosen for its velvet ribbon, a must-have that comes in a wide range of different models: serpentine, printed velvet, velvet webbing, cord, etc. Velvet ribbon samples are on display to help you understand how velvet is made.

Below, the velvet trend board presented at this exhibition.


For several years now, Satab and the “Musée d’Art et d’Industrie ” of Saint-Etienne have been working in partnership on various projects. With the opening of this new “ribbon trail”, it seemed obvious to us to be able to introduce our employees to the world and history of trimmings, outside the context of work. Two guided tours were therefore organised, a great initiative that we’re keen to repeat!