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This new 2020 spring-summer collection is all ready to smarten up the lingerie, beachwear and homewear collections. From Ancient origins, to Wild tribal trek and the seductive Show off, our ribbons are taking on the characteristic colour codes, materials and patterns to affirm the personality of the up and coming lingerie collections.

From our collection…

Let’s start with two products lined up for the ready-made clothing market :

  • Off-centre stripes on a polyester petersham.
  • A striped petersham produced on traditional “shuttle looms” mixing trendy out-there colours with a more standard range.

These 2 items are perfect when it comes to emphasising the length of a pair of pants or as a drawstring for homewear.

Ref. 2519 - polyester petersham

Ref. 2519 – polyester petersham

Ref. 7011 - petersham

Ref. 7011 – petersham


Then with transparent ribbons in mind, we have developed new colours in our chiffon range. With reinforced density, it boasts strength and a soft touch to elegantly tie a cuff or define a strap.

Ref. 0494 - chiffon

Ref. 0494 – chiffon


Now for sportswear lingerie, we’ve gone for our stretch fishnet for great elasticity. It comes in handy for its support functions on a bra or around the waist for knickers or shorts.

Ref. 1979 - stretch fishnet

Ref. 1979 – stretch fishnet


Also in the stretch family, we have the cotton lace frill that can be added to the edge of fancy socks for a romantic vibe. There’s also a polyester lace to glam up the edge of a camisole.

Ref. 4801 - frill lace

Ref. 4801 – frill lace

Ref. de gauche à droite 1971/1970/1976 - polyester lace

Ref. de gauche à droite 1971/1970/1976 – polyester lace


And if you’re looking for flexible and functional stretch, then check out how our range has been bolstered with new colours and a new size of 80 mm. This is earmarked for slippers as well as enclosed waistbands or waistbands for girls’ dresses.

Ref. 5311 - elastic

Ref. 5311 – elastic


… on trend.








Collection spring/summer 2020 - Focus/Good mood

Collection spring/summer 2020 – Focus/Good mood



Would you like to see the entire new collection? Then just log on to your My Satab or else come and browse the book Be Inspired during our next shows.

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