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Welcome to this preview of some new lines from the Satab Packaging and Satab Consumer collection, with specially designed ribbons for the Easter holidays and Spring 2021. These ribbons will put the finishing touches to packaging for chocolates, pastries, wines and spirits, cosmetics, jewellery, but also luxe packaging and event management communication. They will be incredibly useful for your in-house creations or for gift-wrapping little presents!

Fresh, floral motifs to make us dream of spring and the return of the good weather!


Ref i694 – Printed metallic brass ribbon “Flower”

The first Satab offering is this fresh and lively coloured ribbon with its floral print.

The vibrant spring shades of this item make it the perfect partner for the varied tones of Easter chocolate, and it can be used alone to enhance boxes of chocolates.
It is available in 3 widths (15/25/38 mm) and 2 shades.

i694 – Printed metallic brass ribbon “Flower” Satab

i694 – Printed metallic brass ribbon “Flower”

Ref i691 – Printed metallic brass ribbon “Lapinou”

Next up is a ribbon with a more childlike theme, with pretty rabbit and egg motifs – this ribbon is available in a single soft shade, a blend of spring pastels in yellow, pink, and pale green.

Metallic and available in 3 widths, it will be perfect for adorning boxes of chocolates, boxes of sweets, Easter eggs or pretty floral bouquets.

i691 – Printed metallic brass ribbon “Lapinou” Satab

i691 – Printed metallic brass ribbon “Lapinou”

Ref i695 – Printed metallic brass ribbon “Poisson”

We stay with the theme of Easter-related prints with this metallic brass fish-printed ribbon. Available in a mix of bright reds and yellows, it will show off your Easter packaging and chocolates to perfection. This metallic ribbon can be used to make pretty bows with excellent staying power.

i695 – Printed metallic brass ribbon “Fish” Satab

i695 – Printed metallic brass ribbon “Poisson”


Ref 0174, 0063, 0065 – Vichy ribbons

Colours and checks – Vichy ribbons are perfect for that retro look! Our 3 product lines, available in 5 widths and a wide range of shades, will bring a touch of spring colour.

0174 - Tiny gingham ribbon and 0065 gingham check ribbon Satab

0174 – Tiny gingham ribbon and 0065 – gingham check ribbon

0063 - Mini gingham ribbon Satab

0063 – Mini gingham ribbon

Ref 1451 – “Soft honeycomb” ribbon

Our bees’ nest ribbon comes in pastel shades and is delicately embossed. These multiple spring shades, available in 2 widths, will showcase your creations!

1451 - "Soft honeycomb" ribbon Satab

1451 – “Soft honeycomb” ribbon

Ref i528 – Polka dot streamer

With its playful look, vibrant shades and 2 widths, the polka dot streamer will be incredibly useful for your novelty creations.

Ref i528 – Polka dot streamer Satab

 i528 – Polka dot streamer

Ref i645 – Polka dot satin-cotton

A smooth satin ribbon with polka dot motifs, available in 3 widths and several shades.

i645 – Polka dot satin-cotton Satab

i645 – Polka dot satin-cotton

Ref 0503 – Light ribbon Crinoline

Let’s dare the transparency with this light ribbon Crinoline, stripes and delicate colors that will highlight with finesse your creations. Available in 4 widths and many colors.

0503 – Light ribbon Crinoline Satab

0503 – Light ribbon Crinoline

Ref 1480 – Golden seersucker

This ribbon has it all: coloured and enhanced with beautiful gold stripes. It will add a stylish touch to gift wrapping.

1480 – Golden seersucker Satab

Ref 1480 – Golden seersucker

Would you like to see the entire new collection? Then just log on to your My Satab account !

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    Interested elastic band art 1901, how much does it cost? thanks

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      Hello, thank you for your interest. For any questions or prices request, you can contact our sales team at and we will answer to you as soon as possible.
      You can also create an account on our extranet to see our products, prices and make an order.
      Have a nice day.

      Satab team.