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Here is a teaser of some of the new products in Satab’s Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion collection, with colourful, shiny ribbons, upcycled fringes in shades and prints to put the zing into ready-made clothing and shoe creations….

Ref i700 – Double-sided striped webbing

First in line is the double-sided printed striped webbing: This highly colourful variation partners up perfectly with leather goods, especially as a carry strap for yoga mats for instance. It could also prove its worth in the home as a strap for outdoor cushions.

i700 - Double-sided striped webbing Satab

i700 – Double-sided striped webbing

Ref i703 – Gold glinted cotton taffeta

Next, make way for the shimmering gold-glinted cotton taffeta. This item comes with a fine and delicate gold or silver print on cotton taffeta making up an invaluable asset on a woman’s or child’s special occasion garment as a belt or edge trim…

i703 - Gold glinted cotton taffeta Satab

i703 – Gold glinted cotton taffeta

Ref 7442 – Aztec grosgrain

Here we have a double-sided Jacquard grosgrain woven on a shuttle loom going for all-out fancy. These colourful Aztec patterns target the women/men/children Fashion market where this grosgrain will take pride of place as edging on a pocket or trousers, or around the waistline… but in the home too to decorate a cushion, lampshade and so much more.

7442 - Aztec grosgrain Satab

7442 – Aztec grosgrain

Ref i697 – Opera satin camouflage ribbon

This glittery satin camouflage print fits well into the Fashion sector to lace up a sweatshirt or decorate footwear (bows), etc.

i697 - Opera satin camouflage ribbon Satab

i697 – Opera satin camouflage ribbon

Ref 7447 – Lurex linen fringe

Now we present a fancy fringe made of a linen and lurex blend for both a natural and sophisticated look with a nod to handcrafting.

Not only a pretty product but more environment-friendly to boot as its upcycled! In other words, this item is made from discontinued yarns that were earmarked for destruction. So by making use of them we are reducing the harmful effects of NHIW (non-hazardous industrial waste) landfill as well as impacting on the production of new yarns through energy and transportation savings.

It makes for a great fashion accessory for sandals, espadrilles … and in the home for decorative objects or on cushions and bags, etc.

7447 - Lurex linen fringe Satab

7447 – Lurex linen fringe

Ref 7116 – Ikat camouflage braid

Lastly, check out this braid on a mottled cotton background, brocaded with shiny threads, ikat-style, a bit like embroidery.

This product is right up there in the fashion market for tops, jackets or leather goods to accessorize bags.

7116 - Ikat camouflage braid Satab

7116 – Ikat camouflage braid

Discover now the 2021 spring/summer fashion trends !

Would you like to see the entire new collection? Then just log on to your My Satab account or else come and browse the Be Inspired book during our upcoming shows. 

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