Posté le 1 March 2023

Satab is helping to control the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus and protect its employees, by implementing new measures in line with the French government’s decisions.

Our company is fully committed to protecting the health of its employees, customers and suppliers.

Our company is also fully mobilised in the national effort to support hospitals… It is in this context that we are doing our utmost to migrate as much capacity as possible to the production of elastics needed to manufacture hygienic masks for hospitals.

For this reason, and in order to comply with health directives, we have been forced to partially close our production facilities. SATAB will continue to receive goods and to manufacture, package and deliver only elastics for hygienic masks to healthcare professionals for an indefinite period.

Despite this complicated situation, your sales and administrative contacts are still available from home to support you and meet your needs, in order to minimise the impact of this crisis on current and future production.

Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team if you have any questions.