QWL : concrete action within the company

Posté le 25 September 2023
They’re here ! 🎉
After 1 month’s work, we’re proud to be moving into our new refectories, which have been refurbished thanks to our in-house teams.
All 6 of the company’s refectories have been redesigned and refitted. New furniture, decor made in Satab and that’s it!
🎯The aim? To create a welcoming working environment for all employees and make these spaces a place for sharing, meeting and socialising.

This renovation is part of the intensification of our ‘quality of life at work’ programme.

Over the past year, a ‘QWL’ working group has been set up at Satab. This group, drawn from different departments, aims to understand and respond to the real needs of employees in their working environment.

QWL is an important factor to be taken into account in employee fulfilment, a vector for motivation and well-being within the company. That’s why we carry out a number of projects throughout the year, placing ‘well-being at work’ at the heart of our concerns. A win/win approach, leading to overall company performance.