Single-material packaging, thanks to paper ribbon

Posté le 6 October 2023

New paper cord/tape/braid/tricotine.
1 paper + 1 paper = 1 bin ♻️🗑️

To meet consumer expectations in terms of environmental impact, the packaging sector is looking for solid, reliable materials, favouring single-material combinations that are easier to recycle.

Paper tape meets the needs of the packaging market: chevron to define the handle of a shopping bag, a cord to attach a sheet of food packaging, tubular braid to define a bow or a decorative ribbon, to decorate a pack of perfume or a piece of jewellery, knitted fabric to attach a label to a garment, etc.

This new range combines aesthetics and practicality to promote 100% paper packaging.

Single-material packs are easy to recycle in a single sorting bin, creating a new life cycle for the entire packaging. The packaging is more responsible because it is infinitely recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

A single gesture is all it takes to be disposed of in the same bin, creating a new life cycle for this packaging.


Paper chevron ribbon: ref 0794 - 20 mm
Paper cord: ref 4044 - 4.5 mm
Paper braid for shin splints: ref 4041 - 10 mm
Paper yarn knitting: ref 4049 - 2 mm