Satab is launching Eweave, a connected smart textile solution made in France, the only one of its kind in the world.

Posté le 21 June 2022

French company Satab, a European benchmark in the narrow textiles market, is launching a new range of connected smart textile solutions as a world exclusive at the Techtextil trade fair in Frankfurt from 21 to 24 June.

By combining made-in-France textile expertise with IOT (Internet of Things) skills, Eweave offers a complete connected textile solution providing detection, protection and prevention services for professionals.

Eweave solutions consist of 3 inseparable components: a connected ribbon, an electronic signal processing unit and a control interface called MyEweave for remote monitoring and control of installations.

This innovation gives Eweave ribbons unlimited uses. Connectivity, data transfer, switching, dimming – the applications can be adapted to suit every need.

What’s more, the ability to detect and locate leaks, bumps, cuts, mechanical stress or monitor water levels over long distances is also of interest to many industrial sectors.

Already a pioneer with the launch of a range of connected ribbons in 2018, Satab, thanks to its integrated R&D unit “Satab Lab”, is taking this novel smart textile solution a step further by offering a complete turnkey service through Eweave.


Whether it’s on-board electrical conduction, data transfer, on-off switch or dimming functions, or a system for detecting water levels, water leaks, cuts, pressure, shocks and mechanical stresses, these smart ribbons provide tailor-made solutions for a wide range of industrial sectors.

Thanks to the MYEWEAVE control interface, systems can be monitored 24/7 via a dedicated cloud.

As soon as an anomaly is detected and located, the interface triggers the chosen alert system (email, message, call). It also tracks interventions and provides a history of alerts.


The innovation lies in the robustness, thinness, lightness and flexibility of Eweave solutions, which can be adapted to all surfaces and environments. Made from polyester and copper wires, Eweave tapes incorporate 2 to i and? available in lengths ranging from 20 cm to 1 km. Each Eweave solution can also be developed specifically to meet the specifications and needs of specific industries..

To give just a few examples of applications, the water leakage detection solution is perfectly suited to both fixed and flexible roofs, providing building professionals with unprecedented monitoring capabilities.

The detection of mechanical tension enables the tension of tarpaulins to be adjusted and ground movement to be monitored. The support or impact detection solution integrates perfectly with tensioned textile systems to detect falls and impacts from stones, hail, etc.

By also detecting cuts, Eweave solutions meet the needs of professionals working on dams and bridges to alert them to cracks.

The level measurement function is ideal for monitoring tanks and industrial vats.

Finally, the on-off and dimming switch tapes may be of interest to the automotive market for textile integration of certain functions hitherto performed by plastic buttons.