Posté le 13 January 2023

When a ribbon is more than just a ribbon, it becomes an intelligent linear sensor.

Almost 1 year ago, Satab launched Eweave solutions: an #innovation in the field of #smart textiles.


Detecting pressure, shocks, cuts, water levels, water leaks… Eweave solutions offer their users #connected detection, protection and prevention products that are unique in the world.


As a reminder, Eweave solutions are made up of 3 inseparable elements: a connected ribbon, an electronic signal processing box and a control interface called MyEweave for remote monitoring and control of installations.


This innovation gives Eweave ribbons unlimited uses. Connectivity, data transfer, switching, dimming – the applications can be adapted to suit every need.

What’s more, the ability to detect and locate leaks, bumps, cuts, mechanical stress or monitor water levels over long distances is also of interest to many industrial sectors.

Already a pioneer with the launch in 2018 of a range of connected ribbons, Satab, thanks to its integrated R&D unit “Satab Lab”, is taking this novel intelligent textile solution a step further by offering, thanks to Eweave, a complete turnkey service.

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