Operational excellence at Satab

Posté le 16 January 2024

Operational excellence is seen as the way forward for companies wishing to achieve a high level of performance and maintain it over time.

To find out how Satab has integrated this approach, we interviewed Dorian Fayolle, Industrial Project Manager.


Satab : Could you introduce yourself?

Dorian Fayolle : My name is Dorian Fayolle and I’m an engineer by training. I’ve been working for SATAB for nearly 2 years as an industrial project manager.

Satab : What is operational excellence?

Dorian Fayolle : It’s an approach that involves constantly optimising operational efficiency, reducing costs, improving quality, ensuring customer satisfaction and maximising performance. The aim of operational excellence at Satab is to embed a culture of continuous improvement in every area of the business.

Satab : How would you define the concept of a “communication zone”?

Dorian Fayolle : It’s a defined area in each of the company’s workshops. The perimeter manager brings his teams together every day and once per shift to carry out a 5-minute ritual (also known as the TOP 5). During these rituals, the manager discusses the previous day’s performance based on indicators and passes on the day’s instructions and objectives. These short meetings enable a workshop to continually improve its performance by correcting any discrepancies, and to remain motivated.

Satab : What have you put in place at Satab for the communication zone concept ?

Dorian Fayolle : The zones include :

– A digital screen displaying real-time safety, quality, lead-time, efficiency and production management indicators.

– A whiteboard for managing “small” workshop projects (manager-collaborator) with the implementation of action plans.

– Banners dedicated to the feedback of improvement ideas from employees. These are processed by managers and management once a week.

Satab : Have you had any feedback from your employees ? 

Dorian Fayolle : Our employees are now the driving force behind this continuous improvement approach. Our maintenance department is even somewhat overloaded because of the large number of ideas for improvement. For this reason, we have taken on a new member of staff who will be partly responsible for implementing these ideas. The pilot workshop has undergone a complete overhaul and is now more structured and organised. This is reflected in the performance indicators and the well-being of the teams. This project has been a success and is currently being applied in the other areas.