Posté le 7 February 2023

Our spring summer 2024 collection, inspired by the Nelly Rodi forecasting office, is divided into 4 major trends.

The Humble ”  trend features sober, unostentatious colours and materials, inspired by raw materials and a certain sense of craftsmanship. Satab’s Respect Line, with its emphasis on natural materials such as GOTS cotton and linen, reveals its full potential here.

This taffeta, in natural linen, offers a mottled look that lends an authentic style to outfits. It can be used to embellish a sleeve, a pocket or the hem of a pair of trousers, adding a handmade style to any garment.

The more exuberant “Féria” trend is an ode to decoration and fantasy. Here, the jacquards and stripes so dear to Satab play their best role, magnifying the simplest accessories or garments.

As shown by this double-sided polka-dot braid, expressed in an explosion of warm, festive colours, which will create the enchantment of a garment by embellishing a collar, sleeve or belt.

The “Dynamic” trend, as its name suggests, aims to boost the collections by adding energy, particularly to the sports collections, at a time when the Olympic Games will be setting the season alight. The undisputed champion of this trend is the stripe, which will energise the collections.

The new 35 min knitted elastics offer a dynamic range of colourful stripes for belting trousers, skirts, sleeves or bras.

Last but not least, the “Somptuous” trend, with its emphasis on shimmer, uses pearlescent, pearlized or metallic tones in the nano widths of cords, ties and mini-braids, adding a jewel-like touch of delicate refinement to the collections. The new two-tone chevron piping will sumptuously highlight a sleeve, a pocket or even the edge of trousers.