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Packaging Business Line


A range of must-have products, tailor-made to highlight packaging and products. Designed as genuine textile communication tools, each ribbon is a true reflection of the brand.

Our range of woven, printed, gilded and brass-coated ribbons meets the needs of the food and beverages industry, from chocolate and patisserie to the wine and spirits market, as well as the decoration of luxury products: perfume bottles, boxes, bag handles…


Satin ribbon, taffeta, coarse grain, chevron, chiffon, velvet, cords, Jacquard, collection of brassed ribbons for Easter and Christmas…

Discover our fashion collection and order your products directly from your MySatab account.

Create your solutions

Available in a vast range of colours, textures and materials, our range is as rich as your imagination.

Thanks to our integrated R&D office: The combined forces of the Satab Lab and our total expertise of the manufacturing processes mean that, in addition to products available from stock, we can offer our customers customized products in special colours, materials and widths, developed to their specifications.

Available materials: acrylic, cotton, GOTS-certified cotton, wool, linen, certified linen, metalloplastic -> lurex®, polyamide, polyester, recycled polyester, silk, FSC®-certified tencel, mohair, viscose ,…

“We’ll still be in business tomorrow if, and only if, we manage to respond to the major environmental challenges of preserving our planet”, offering our customers ever more while respecting our values and our sensitivities – this is the starting point for our “Respect Line”.

Today, Satab products are available in a wide choice of eco-friendly materials. Each of these materials is certified to the most demanding standard in its category. The very tenets of our Respect Line behoves us to apply a philosophy of fair use of resources internally.

This range marks the beginning of the transition to a more environmentally-friendly collection.

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